Drywall screw

  • Material: c1022 Steel
  • Finish: Black phosphate, yellow zinc plated, blue zinc plated and others
  • Head Type: Bugle head/Countersunk head
  • Thread Type: Coarse or Fine
  • Drive: Philips
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Drywall screws are specialized fasteners designed for the installation of drywall, also known as plasterboard or gypsum board. These screws play a crucial role in securely attaching drywall panels to wooden or metal studs, providing stability and durability to interior walls and ceilings.

Manufactured with a fine-thread design, drywall screws feature a sharp point for easy penetration and a bugle head that sits flush with the surface of the drywall. The bugle head helps to prevent tearing of the paper facing of the drywall while ensuring a smooth and even finish.

Commonly made from hardened steel, drywall screws come in various lengths and gauges to accommodate different thicknesses of drywall. They are often coated with materials such as black phosphate or zinc to enhance corrosion resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Drywall screws threads types:

Coarse Thread: These threads are deeper and have a larger pitch. Coarse thread drywall screws are typically used to quickly fasten drywall to wood studs. Coarse threads have a strong grip on wood, making them suitable for framing applications.

Fine Thread: Fine Thread Drywall Screws have shallower threads and are closer spaced. They are designed for use in metal studs or framing. Fine threads create a tighter connection in the metal, providing better stability and preventing material tearing. Fine Thread Screws are used in applications that require a more secure hold in the metal.


China factory supply 6# inch black phosphate fine thread drywall screw tornillos screw drywall

  • Efficient installation: Drywall screws feature a pointed head and fine thread design for quick and easy penetration into drywall and studs for efficient installation.
  • Flush surfaces: The head design ensures flush surfaces, preventing surface damage and providing a smooth appearance to installed drywall.
  • Durable material: Drywall screws are made of hardened steel for durability.
  • Corrosion resistant: Coated with materials such as black phosphate or zinc, these screws offer excellent corrosion resistance and maintain their integrity even in harsh environmental conditions.

1000pcs/box,500pcs /box,20 boxes per carton,16 boxes per carton 25kg bulk/bag

China factory supply 6# inch black phosphate fine thread drywall screw tornillos screw drywall