Hex. drill self drilling screws

  • Material: C1022 with hardened.
  • Head type: Hex washer head, hex flange head.
  • Surface Treatment : Galvanized
  • Diameter: 0.137 inch – 0.248 inch (3.5-6.3mm)
  • Length: 1/2 inch -6 inch (12.5-152mm)
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These screws have hexagonal heads and can be firmly grasped with a standard hexagonal spanner for easy installation. The self-drilling feature eliminates the need for pre-drilling, saving assembly time and effort. Their sharp points penetrate metal and other surfaces effortlessly, promoting fast and reliable tightening.

hex head self drilling screw

Depending on the size, hexagonal self-drilling screws are used for different purposes – smaller screws are used for fixing thin metals and securing metal to wood. Larger screws are used in roofing and other industries that require self-drilling through hard metals. If Hex Head Self Drilling Screws are to be used in extremely hard materials, it is recommended that they be used after drilling pilot holes.

Our hex head self-drilling screws are case-hardened and heat-treated for applications that require fastening of soft materials over hard materials. These screws have a low thread installation torque, allowing for a quick transition from drilling to tapping. For effective penetration, make sure the fastener has at least three threads located inside the material.

  • Hexagonal head: The hexagonal head design ensures a firm grip during installation and can be easily tightened with a standard hexagonal spanner.
  • Self drilling function: No need to pre-drill holes, saving time and effort.
  • Durable material: Made of high quality materials for greater durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Sharp point: Features a sharp tip that easily penetrates metal and other surfaces.
  • Fast and reliable fastening: Fast and reliable fastening of a wide range of materials.China Factory Hex. Drill Screw Self Drilling Screws EPDM Washer

Hexagon head self-drilling screws come in a variety of sizes, each suitable for a specific application:

  • Smaller sizes (e.g., #8 or #10): For light-duty tasks such as fastening thin sheet metal or fastening components.
  • Medium sizes (e.g., 1/ inch): Versatile and commonly used in general construction, metal framing, and other applications that require a balance of strength and flexibility.
  • Larger sizes (e.g., 3/8 inch and larger): For heavy-duty applications such as steel connections.

These screws are suitable for a wide range of projects, providing adaptability and reliability for projects of different sizes.


300pcs/box, 1000pcs/box, carton, w/o pallet or as customers’ special request.

self drilling screw