Duplex Head Nail

  • Material: carbon steel
  • Material model: Q195, Q235
  • Diameter: 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 gauge
  • Length: 1-3/4″ –4″
  • Size: 6d to 30d
  • Shank type: smooth
  • Head type: double head
  • Surface treatment: bright, polished
  • Package: 11 lbs per box, 2 lbs per box or bag, 1 lb per bag, 55 lbs per carton, and as your request.
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Feature a second head along the shaft to allow for easy removal from temporary construction, such as concrete forms or scaffolding. These nails are primarily used in temporary construction applications such as concrete forms, scaffolding and bracing. Double-ended nails have a variety of uses. The larger nail head is nailed into the material to create a strong connection, while the smaller nail head is exposed This allows for easy removal when temporary structures need to be dismantled. Double-ended nails combine strength and versatility. They can be quickly installed and removed without causing damage or leaving protruding nails.

  • Dual head design: The most remarkable feature is the double head design. Easy to install and dismantle without special tools.
  • Temporary structure: Ideal for temporary structures such as concrete formwork, scaffolding and bracing that need to be assembled and disassembled quickly.
  • Secure fastening: The larger head provides a strong and secure connection, ensuring the stability of the temporary structure.
  • Efficient dismantling: Smaller exposed heads allow for easy dismantling without damaging materials or leaving protruding nails.
  • Reduce material waste: The reusability of double-ended nails minimizes the need for frequent replacement and waste, making them economical and environmentally friendly.
  • Concrete forms: Double-headed nails are commonly used in concrete forms to create temporary structures. They are held in place until the concrete sets. The double-ended design simplifies the installation and removal process.
  • Scaffolding: During the erection of scaffolding, the scaffolding is usually assembled and disassembled as construction progresses. Double-ended nails provide a convenient and secure fastening solution.
  • Temporary Support: Double-ended nails can be used in temporary support systems to provide stability and support during construction projects. Double-ended nails are easy to install and remove, making them ideal for this application.