Coil roofing nail

  • Material: carbon steel
  • Surface treatment: Electro Galvanized / Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Length: 1 1/4 inch, 1 1/2 inch, 1 3/4 inch, 2 inch
  • Diameter: 0.12 inch (3.05mm)
  • Shank type: Smooth, ring
  • Head type: Flat
  • Point type: Chisel, diamond, sharp, blunt, clinch, flat
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Coil roofing nails are specialized fasteners designed for roofing applications. They are available in a variety of styles with special surface treatments to optimise their performance. Coil roofing nails play a vital role in securing roofing materials and preventing leaks, ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of the roof. They are available in finishes and shank styles to meet the specific requirements of the roofing project, providing weather resistance and secure fastening.

  • Surface Finish: Coil roofing nails typically have a galvanized or electro-galvanized coating. This finish provides excellent corrosion resistance, an important quality for the durability of roofing materials in harsh outdoor conditions. Some models may also have a polymer coating for added protection.
  • Nail Shank Style: Coil roofing nails are typically designed with a smooth or ring shank. Ring ridges along the shank improve grip and help prevent the nail from backing out over time, ensuring a strong and lasting connection.
  • Corrosion resistance: Coil roofing nails are usually galvanized for corrosion resistance, ensuring they stand up to wind, rain and moisture.
  • Secure tightness: The ring shank design enhances grip and prevents the nails from loosening or backing out, ensuring that the roofing material is tightly fastened.
  • Weather resilience: These nails can withstand the harshest weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor roofing applications that are constantly exposed to rain, snow and UV rays.
  • Efficient Installation: Coil nails are compatible with pneumatic nail guns for fast and efficient installation, saving time and labor costs.
  • Durable: They are designed to withstand the weight of heavy roofing materials and the stresses caused by temperature fluctuations, ensuring long-term durability.
  • Leak Prevention: Properly installed coil roofing nails create a tight seal that helps prevent leaks and maintain the integrity of the roof.
  • Versatility: Coil roofing nails are available in a variety of lengths and styles for a wide range of roofing materials and applications.