Truss head screws

  • Name: Wafer head wood screws, Truss head self-drilling screws
  • Material: Steel
  • Head Type: Wafer/Truss head
  • Finish: Galvanized
  • Diameter: 0.137 inch – 0.165 inch (3.5-4.2mm)
  • Length: 1/2 inch -4 inch (12.5-100mm)
  • Thread: Full thread, partial thread
  • Point: Drill or sharp
  • Drive: Philips, socket, hex, square, slotted, combined
  • Packing: Bulk, small box, plastic box, polybag, etc, according to customers’ demand
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Truss head screws have a unique design with a flat rounded head, making them the preferred choice for a variety of applications. The unique head shape provides a larger surface area, ensuring even pressure distribution and reducing the risk of damaging the material during fastening.

Factory truss head screws

Widely used in carpentry, construction and electronics, these screws offer stability and a polished finish. The low-profile design minimizes the chances of snagging and improves safety during installation. Truss head screws are ideal for projects with a clean appearance and strong fastening, such as furniture assembly, cabinetry and electronic enclosures.

truss head screw
truss head screw
  • Even Pressure Distribution: Unique head design ensures uniform pressure and prevents material damage during fastening.
  • Wide range of applications: Widely used in woodworking, construction and electronics due to their stability.
  • Reduced risk of snagging: The flat profile minimizes the risk of snagging on surrounding objects during installation.
  • Professional Finish: Truss head screws help to create a polished, professional look in a variety of projects.
  • Furniture Assembly: Truss head screws are commonly used in furniture assembly to provide stability and a neat finish.
  • Cabinets: These screws are ideal for securing cabinet components for a polished look.
  • Electronics: Widely used in electronic housings due to their stability and aesthetics.
  • Construction: Truss head screws have a wide range of uses in general construction, providing a reliable and secure fastening solution.

truss head screw


200/500/1000 pcs/box, or bulk packing,or as per demand