Painted coil nail

  • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel
  • Surface treatment: Painted
  • Length: 1 inch – 4 inch (25-100mm)
  • Diameter: 0.078 inch – 0.134 inch (2-3.4mm)
  • Shank type: Smooth, ring, screw
  • Point type: Chisel, diamond, sharp, blunt, clinch, flat
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Our painted coil nails are the ideal solution for a variety of fastening needs. Not only are these nails durable, but they are also treated with a corrosion-resistant paint finish. Ensuring that their integrity is maintained in a variety of conditions. Our painted coil nails are versatile and reliable. Painted coil nails simplify the installation process and provide secure, long-lasting fastening in a wide range of applications, from construction to carpentry.

Nail shank type:

  • Smooth Shank: Our smooth shank painted coil nails are perfect for standard applications. They have a straight, smooth shank that provides a strong hold for a variety of materials.
  • Ring Shank: The ring shank design of these nails provides superior holding strength. The prongs on the shank prevent the nail from falling out. Ideal for heavy framing and sheathing projects.
  • Screw Shank: For excellent grip and stability, our Screw Shank Painted Coil Nails are the preferred choice. The screw-like twisted design ensures a secure hold and is ideal for decking and siding.Painted Coil Nail

Nail head type:

  • Flat head: Our Flat Head Painted Roll Nails will have a flush finish when driven, perfect for applications that require a smooth, even surface.
  • Round head: Round head nails provide a stronger hold for projects that require extra strength, such as roofing and decking.


  • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel.
  • Length: 1 inch – 4 inch (25-100mm).
  • Diameter: 0.078 inch – 0.134 inch (2-3.4mm) .
  • Shank type: Smooth, ring, screw.
  • Point type: Chisel, diamond, sharp, blunt, clinch, flat.
  • Framing: Disc nails are commonly used in framing applications. They are used to securely fasten timber structures, ensuring stability and strength of the frame.
  • Sheathing: They play a vital role in securing sheathing materials such as plywood or OSB to framing. Provide a solid foundation for cladding panels and insulation.
  • Decking: Disc nails are ideal for decking projects. They ensure that deck boards are securely fastened to the underlying joists.
  • Siding: They are commonly used to secure siding materials such as vinyl, wood or fibre cement. Provide a weatherproof and attractive finish to structures.
  • Roofing: Coil nails are used for roofing, especially shingle installation. They securely fasten shingles to the roof boards, protecting them from the elements.
  • Fences: Coil nails are an essential tool in fence construction. They secure fence boards to posts and rails, ensuring a strong and durable fence structure.High Quality Manufacturer 15 Degree 2 1/4 x 0.099 Yellow Painted Common Wire Coil Nail For Pallets

Painted Coil Nail

coil nail Painted Coil Nail